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Picture: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

A vibrant country of unique natural landscape and culture diversity, Ireland west coast is a stunning place with breathtaking vistas, trendy pubs and warm locals. Beyond the wild weather, Ireland is one of my dreamlands for five years. Long before I visited Ireland, I always love to check out some Irish movies, music and listen to the legendary stories and imaging myself drinking the Irish whisky while enjoy the Atlantic ocean spray and hear the local musicians blow a song of Irish whistle.

However, warm and welcoming to more than just Irish music and drinks, Ireland west coast has plenty to offer to landscape tourists. On a recent visit to Ireland, I was appealed to the stunning scenery of the western Ireland. If you are headed to Ireland and you are a landscape lover, here are a few places you want to check out:

  • The natural first stop on the west is the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland’s one of the most popular visited sights. This 203 height cliff is the tallest cliff in the whole Europe. Standing on the cliff, you will get an amazing view of Aron Islands, Galway Bay and the hills of Conemara. Even though the trail on the cliff is blocked by a 1.5m high wall due to the safety issues, if you are brave enough, you can cross over the fence and venture yourself along the cliffs to Hag’s Head to experience the wild spray of the Atlantic Ocean and spot more than 30 species of birds.
  • If there is a city on the Ireland’s must-see list, then that place could certainly be Galway. Located on the northeast side of the Galway bay, Galway is a vibrant city that reveals both modern Irish life and the unspoiled scenery. In Galway, you will see local residents chili with beers while watch the street music performance everywhere, or enjoy an Irish whisky at traditional style beer garden. Galway is also a gateway to Aron Island and breathtaking Conemara hills if you are ready for an outdoor adventure. Also, if you have an opportunity, please check out beautiful Galway Bay as it could offer numerous sailing and deep sea finishing activities for you.
  • Trek along the Burren area (located in county Clare) to see the unique and diversified flora and fauna that only existed in this region. Along the way, you have an opportunity to learn about the Irish history, the archeology of Burren, traditional folklore and Burrens’s unique botany. You will have a chance to stop by the picturesque and well-preserved Corcomroe Abbey that will dates you back into 12th century, where you will get an idea of how the ancient monks sought out this isolated areas to build their churches, then allowed themselves to become self-sufficient without contacting the outside society.
  • Don’t miss the hiking tour on Aran Island, where you will have a chance to deeply explore the famous beaches, stone walls and ancient monuments all in this wonderful area and listen to the ancient stories and local folklore. This island also boasts its reputation from Dun Aengus, a semi-circular stone fort perched perilously atop the sea-cliffs of 500ft, as it will soon to be considered as the UNESCO world heritage site.

If you have any other places in mind, you are welcome to share them in here.